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What is Unconventional Marketing?

Unusual marketing strategies might be the key to unlocking your small business success!

Is your marketing getting a bit boring? Sorry for starting off so bluntly but if your campaigns are sending people to sleep rather than whipping them into a buying frenzy then it is time for a change.

Could experiential marketing be your new

The Basics

To start with, what do you think about the fact that 65% of brands that use this type of marketing say that it helps increase their sales? Since you should jump like a hungry young lion on anything that gives you more sales, is it time to sharpen your teeth for some experiential marketing?

The definition of this approach is pretty simple, as it is just a way of letting your target customers experience the brand. It may sound simple but this is a marketing technique that gives you a tremendous sense of freedom to have fun and get creative.

If you get it right, you will form a lasting bond with your target market that gives them a reason to be loyal to you.

How to Get Started

It shouldn’t take you too long to get started with a few ideas on how to carry out experiential marketing that relates to your brand and products, should it? You can think about your target demographic and what would be most likely to excite them.

Would they like to meet a sporting hero, go to a free party, get a trip somewhere or eat lots of fun food? To be fair, unless your target demographic is “dullards who hate having fun”

Ok, so maybe we need to narrow the ideas down a little. This can be done by finding a link between something you do and an exciting idea such as those we looked at earlier.

If you sell beer, then

If your target customer is me then, hey, just give me all of these

Get Inspired

You might find it especially useful to look up some examples of other experiential marketing events that have been a great success. You can then find a way of incorporating some of the best ideas into your own campaign.

For instance, maybe you saw something about when Lean Cuisine put up scales that let women decide how they wanted to be measured in factors other than weight. Then there was the time that Adidas got people to jump in the presence of a basketball star to try and win trainers that were placed at the height of a basketball hoop.

Another success story came with the Guinness Class promotion that let drinkers of the black stuff

When you feel a

Weigh Up the Cost versus the Benefits

Once you have a fantastic idea it is time to sit down and make sure that it is feasible. If it involves handing out a limited amount of free samples it probably

If it is

It is easy to get carried away with a great idea without considering the costs well enough. Before you know it, you’ve got the QE2 parked outside your office and Lady Gaga’s agent is on the phone asking you when the gold-plated piano is being delivered.

Some of the best experiential marketing campaigns have been relatively

Keep Your Message Clear

There are a few different ways of getting your message across and linking the event to your brand. For instance, with the Guinness promo we looked at earlier, the customers had to buy a pint to take part and the staff offering the deal were all decked out in company gear.

However, the Lean Cuisine campaign was a lot

You should think about your brand image and how you can link in the marketing to it. Are you an aspirational brand that encourages people to get a better lifestyle or are you all about saving money or adding luxury to your customer’s days?

Of course, this could also give you a fantastic opportunity to change the public perception of your company. If you want people to see you in a different light then make it fun and memorable.

Reap the Benefits

How is this marketing campaign going to benefit you in the long run? Maybe you will

Another possibility is that you encourage existing customers to be more loyal to you or to spend more. By understanding early on what the benefits will be then you should be ready to take advantage of them.

Perhaps you need a bigger sales team to handle new customers, a special section on your website for

Running an experiential marketing campaign is a challenge but it can also be a lot of fun and immensely rewarding at the same time.