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OVO Energy has just launched a brilliantly provocative campaign that targets their new green energy initiative. With the strapline of “power your life differently”, the 20 second skit illustrates a predominant world leader performing the perfect parody – Trump himself wildly wielding a weapon in a frenzied attack to wreck a solar farm.

The satirical spot portrays Mr Donald of Trump being chauffeured up to a solar plant. A basic and unprofessional recording spies him emerging from his indestructible government vehicle, ready to destroy our future. Accompanied by his heavies, strategically (and ironically) placed for risk management purposes, with golf club in hand we watch the man in the red tie and generous girth smack the s**t out of a solar panel/our future.

OVO, who joined forces with Uncommon Creative Studio, describes the ad as their “biggest and most powerful” to date. Brand Director of OVO Energy, Sarah Keegan reports the company as ‘standing up to’ politicians and other VIP’s who ‘stand in the way’ of sustainable progress.

Trump and his constituency have been notorious for their ‘interesting’ approach toward climate change and renewable energy. Trump professes the Paris Climate Agreement to be a duff deal for his country and staunchly proceeds to withdraw. Alongside, he endeavours to end the war on ‘clean coal’.

‘Renewable is unstoppable’ is OVO aiming to increase awareness of sustainable energy systems, and despite what some HNW individuals consider, encourages the general public to embrace renewable electricity.


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