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You might be wondering how to start a blog?

Once you understand the importance of having one, you’ll want to create a blog section right away.

It is true that there are quite a number of people out there who use their blogging platforms purely as a means of sharing their life stories with the world. When you fuse a blog into your business, it becomes more than just an online journal. It becomes the most powerful content marketing tool you will ever own.

Think about the enormous edge you will have over your competitors who are still operating without a blog.

Here are the key points as to why this content marketing tool will be such a valuable asset to your small business:

  • Contributes to your marketing efforts.
  • Creates awareness for your brand.
  • Provides a means of interacting with your existing and potential customers.

Here is a scenario for you to think about. You have a potential customer visiting your business website for the first time. They have a quick look at the products or services that you are offering, and if they are not interested, they leave. You never see them again.

What if you had a blog to back up your services?

What if you had a way to hold the customers’ attention for a bit longer so that you can entice them to deal with you?

This is where the magic of the blog comes into play. There are limitless ways to use a blog for your marketing campaign. You don’t have to be an expert writer to start a blog. You just have to be an expert in your business.

Imagine this..

You are a small business owner who runs a plumbing company. You start up a blog to engage with your customers. In one of your articles, you write a very detailed “how to” guide on maintaining central heating radiators. Visitors to your site show a great interest in your guide and find it extremely helpful. They now see you as an authoritative figure when it comes to central heating. They are now more inclined to check out your business website and will more than likely consider you first when they have any future plumbing issues.

Here are the six most important reasons why your small business needs a blog.

Search Engine Domination

Bounce rate is reduced, thus increasing your chances of ranking higher in the search engines. The more articles you have in your blog, the increased number of related keywords you will have at your disposal. The idea behind getting ranked higher in search engines is to increase awareness of your online presence. Especially when you are ranked on the first page. Search engine users will rarely go past the first page of results; search engine domination is therefore vitally important for getting more traffic to your business.

Increased Traffic = More Leads = More Sales

The Customers Keep Coming Back

Most people are more willing to subscribe to a blog rather than a business website. As long as the available content acts as a valuable resource, you will have followers that will keep coming back for more. Get your visitors to subscribe so they don’t miss out on your latest blog posts. This will generate a mailing list that will be great for your business as it gives you the opportunity to delve into email marketing.

Blogs Drive Traffic To Your Business Website

Blogs with content that is unique and informative will always attract readers. The first step is to lure them to your blog. Then getting them to your business website will be as good as done. Write content that relates to the services that you provide. This will give your audience a better understanding of your company and thanks to your blog posts, they will decide to conduct business with you.

You Are Only Human

Blogging gives your brand a heart and soul. You are no longer viewed merely as a corporate entity. When customers read what you have to say, it creates an emotional impact. It deepens the connection between them and you. In your blog posts, your readers will have the opportunity to leave comments and you can then respond back to them. Make the most of this tool and get to know what exactly your customers want.


Gaining Social Confidence

If you did not already know, social media networks like Facebook are excellent ways of attracting large sums of traffic to your website. However, if you are one of those people who update their social media posts on a regular basis, I am sure you will understand how difficult it can be to produce fresh content over and over again.

Blog posts can put an end to the staleness of your social media pages. Simply share your latest articles on your social accounts and invite your followers to come check out your blog. They will then share your blog on their own sites, further increasing the inbound traffic to your business.

Leaders In The Industry

Writing really amazing blog content that relates to your business will leave customers to view you as an expert in your industry. As long as your blog is successful, you stand a great chance of being the main trusted source for information relating to your business. This will apply not only to your customers but also to search engines.

The Best Blog Posts Any Small Business Should Have

The personal story: Open up to your readers

Write a story for your readers about how you came about your business. Let your readers know why you chose your line of business. They will be able to feel your energy and have that urge to want to be a part of your business.

Testimonials validate your claims

Write a blog post where you share the story of a past customer. People will be able to relate to them and trust your company more knowing that others have had a good experience.

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Competitors Closer

Every business, whether you are big or small will have some form of competition. A successful business always acknowledges their competition. Write content about your awareness of the services your competitors offer. Compare your services and list the reasons why you are better than the rest.

Still not convinced that your small business needs a blog?

Take a look at the infographics of some blogging statistics.

Did you know that most people are said to read between 5 to 10 blogs each day? People love to read. Give the people what they want. Start a blog for your small business today.