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Peter Jones was born in 1966 and bought up in Berkshire. He gained his motivation from visits to his Father’s office whereupon he would swivel in his big chair pretending to be the boss. State school educated, with parents that both worked in order to provide, life was comfortable but Jones wanted more, with goals of becoming a multi-millionaire. He enjoyed and realised he had a strong head for figures whilst still at school, combined with a love of sport. He began a holiday job working for a tennis academy run by his English teacher, whereby he was interested to absorb the process of business behind it. Upon believing he could run his own tennis school, he completed the LTA coaching exams and did just that.

Jones spent his twenties running a successful computer business that allowed him flash cars and plenty of cash. The business went bust but this failing to take out business insurance just taught him, it didn’t stop him. Next businesses were a computer support business, followed by a restaurant. In his late twenties, due to being broke, Peter Jones joined a large corporate firm. Within his first year, he was running the UK arm of the business.

Jones founded the Phones International Group in ’98, which provided mobile solutions for clients. Now known as Data Select, the distribution model was then known as Single Brand Distribution. Sales in the second year of trading amounted to a whopping £44 million. Unsurprisingly,  Peter’s entrepreneurial traits were identified by both The Times/Ernst & Young, and The Sunday Times/Virgin Atlantic UK Fast Track League Tables.

Today, Peter Jones CBE has his finger in a multitude of pies that collectively generate sales of more than £250 million and employ more than 1,000 personnel. He has personal investments in more than 40 businesses diversely ranging from publishing, the environment and food products. His passion is nurturing and developing emerging entrepreneurs and innovative products worldwide. Notably, he has a longing to help Britain’s young talent and has opened two Peter Jones Enterprise Academies. He intends to expand this body Nationwide in order to offer thousands of courses to thousands of young people.

So what’s next? There’s more to come on the Academy, and more on the Peter Jones Foundation. His mission for this charity is to raise awareness of the need for much more enterprise education within schools. He aims to educate, encourage and support youngsters, which in turn he hopes will lead to economic recovery and success in the UK. His contribution on Dragons Den continues and he is currently considering further TV projects in the UK and the US, which highlights the people behind successful companies. Mr Nice Guy is not stopping anytime soon, and weighing in at 6’7, nor would anyone want to intervene.

Peter Jones – from telecoms to Dragon’s Den

Peter Jones – from telecoms to Dragon’s Den

Peter Jones, a name synonymous with ambition and perseverance A British entrepreneur and television personality, making his fortune in the telecoms industry and made a household name for paneling the BBC2 hit show ‘Dragons Den’. Having built, lost, and then rebuilt...