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Twelve years younger than his three older siblings, born in 1947 was Alan Sugar. Raised on a council estate in Clapton, Hackney, he closely observed his Father struggle to support the family with deep job insecurity. Unlike his Jewish friends, the Sugars couldn’t afford to throw Alan a lavish party after his bar mitzvah. He was immediately disregarded from the squad. He admits to being a recluse for two years and focusing on his moneymaking ventures, all the while thinking ‘I’ll show ‘em’. This he claims was his driving force. Alan Sugar enterprises started while at school – a milk and paper round, shifts at the bakers and greengrocers and selling his homemade ginger beer to the neighbours. A grafter was growing…

Alan Sugar set up business at nineteen and went onto make a fortune in electronics with Amstrad in the eighties. Amstrad consisted of ground-breaking ventures in hi-fi and computers. The nineties consisted of him owning Tottenham Hotspur while disowning many of the fans. The noughties saw him as being the terrifying boss you’d sell your Mother to avoid. He continues to annihilate hundreds of hapless wannabes on The Apprentice.

Sugar is far from sweet. In fact, he is forthright, funny and a great deal of the time, contentious. With an extraordinary memory, he can recall deals ‘back in the day’ down to the penny. He is fabulously outspoken in his opinions, often going where others wouldn’t dare, while not caring about any ramifications of his voiced opinions. For example, he thinks university is a waste of time. Alan Sugar is refreshingly honest in the way he doesn’t mince his words. He thinks a lot of folk are tossers, prats or full of s***t. It’s all terribly amusing until you’re the one in receipt of his venom. He’s also pretty defamatory about the City, estate agents, football insiders and advertising (to name a few).

is a British business magnate, media personality, politician and political adviser

Today described as a British business magnate, media personality, politician and political advisor. It would be interesting to know what he’s chosen on his passport under occupation. Alan Sugar became a member of the House of Lords in 2016, thus his title of Baron Sugar of Clapton. Yet past friends who grew up with him state he hasn’t changed a bit. His word is still his bond. Despite the fact that he’s now worth one and a half billion quid and is titled, we bet he still enjoys fish and chips out of the wrapper and smeared in vinegar. We know what we’d like to see inscribed on his gravestone ‘I showed ‘em’.

Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar

Alan Michael Sugar a man who needs no introduction Known as Lord Sugar, he is among the leading British businesspersons around the world. While his success as an entrepreneur may surprise many, it shouldn’t; from an early age, he showed the aptitude to be a highly...