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our Social Marketing Packages will get your social network following, liking, tweeting and sharing your brand.

Award Winning Social Marketing Packages

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
As a part of your social marketing package, your dedicated Marketing Consultant will work with you to choose the perfect platform with a fabulous format for sharing your creative content. Stride Alley Media will support you in building high performing SEO friendly posts to increase engagement rates. Resulting in you effortlessly building an organic audience.

If you aren’t increasing business with an on-line presence, you can bet that your competitors are. We will monitor your trends and compare them to your competitors. Our social media experts will record the total number of likes, shares and comments. This analysis will provide vital information about which posts cause spikes in engagement (peaks of interest) and help you to create a successful, cost-effective social media strategy.


Track and Analyse Results

Analysis is the art of creation through destruction
Our Social Marketing Packages allow us to help you to know which social media techniques float your audience’s boat. Our insight team study you and your rivals performance across all of the major social channels. We will analyse your content efficiency to realise your performance. Moreover, we provide hints, tips and advice on how to build those all-important followers.

Whether you are looking to achieve increased engagement, raise the number of page and post likes, or simply gain more followers – we’ve got it covered.

Using the latest industry tools, we can demonstrate how to view audience engagement, split by type demographic and in addition, closely monitor development over time.

Highlight the hottest topics in your niche through # hashtag reports. Learn which hashtags make posts more engaging. We’ll also take a sneak peek at your competitors hashtags. Lastly, we decipher who are referring to you or your rivals with our Mentions Report.

A big part of your social media campaign is choosing the right format for sharing your content. Shall we see how your competitors did it? Your Stride Alley Monthly Report will allow you to see their best-performing posts, alongside the highest engagement rate. This Monthly Report will also include comparing your engagement trend to that of your competitors AND record the total number of likes, shares and comments. Get detailed information about the posts that caused their spikes in engagement, and adopt a similar approach in your social media strategy. Stride Alley Media totes understand the digital diamonds within the cyber rough.



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The mission of Stride Alley Media is to inform, inspire and support our customers in a world where we believe all media should be connected. We are an agency who think differently. Our campaigns are built on creativity, driven by data and delivered through a media landscape that ensures your message resonates and remains true to the values of your business.