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Our Google Adwords Packages Assist You To Build A Precise, Persuasive Keyword List For Your Campaign

Our Google Adwords Packages Will Uncover Your Competitors Ad Strategies and Budget

So, how is your current PPC advertising campaign going?

You have chosen your keywords and groups, allocated your budget, and started bidding. Customers are clicking, but the conversion rate isn’t rising, Sales remain sporadic. Campaigns are burning a huge hole in your advertising budget and the vital figures aren’t shifting.

If this example of an ad campaign seems familiar, our Google Adwords Packages are here to get your campaign back on track and increasing business, as they should.

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Stride Alley Analyse Your Rivals Online Ad Content and Keywords

Analysis is the art of creation through destruction

What should you include in your advert to make it more attractive for users to click on?

Our Google AdWords packages have the answer.

You know that it is vital to focus on relevant keywords and specific information. You also understand the triggers needed for Call to Action. Yet, your competitors are still rating higher than yours in search results. Perhaps they are also winning more user clicks?

Our Google AdWords packages have the answer.

With Stride Alley Media’s Google-AdWords packages your dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant will monitor your competitor and industry leaders top performing keywords – the critical ones that drive their websites through paid results. We will consider whether your competitors are using high-volume or long-tail keywords. In addition, we study if they are promoting their services with branded ad copies, or perhaps using others’ branded keywords to gain a higher conversion rate.

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