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How to create a sales process that sales?

The key to being able to make money is having a slick and scalable sales process.

Getting people to part with money is essential if you want to have a business that succeeds. Companies that don’t sell enough tend to be as successful as Sahara-based sand salesmen or Newcastle-bound coal transporters.

Yet, far too many businesses seem to spend insufficient time working out how to do this well and then suffering the consequences of poor sales as a result.

By getting a slick and reliable sales process in place you make it a lot easier to earn money and move the business forward in a sustainable way. If your current sales process makes it difficult for people to give you money then it is time to smooth out the process.


Understand You and Your Customers’ Needs

There is no need for every single sales process to be exactly the same. Each industry is different in terms of the needs of the companies and their customers.

For example, if you sell fresh fruit then you need a fast process that gets the products out before they turn all nasty and squidgy. On the other hand, if you sell houses or cars then you will need to go through the correct processes to make every sale legal and binding rather than concentrate above all on speed.

Do your customers want the choice of buying through different channels, are they likely to make a fast decision or will you need to follow up after a day or two? By putting some thought into this matter you can create a fantastic sales process that keeps everyone happy.

If you don’t understand what your customer wants from you then why not ask them? A well thought out customer survey could provide you with some interesting and very useful results.


Clearly Define the Process

Early on in the road to a new sales process, you get to make a pretty flowchart that covers the end to end sales process. It is a good idea to get the relevant team members and managers together to hammer out a perfect process that covers everything you need over some tea and biscuits. Cheese is an option too, in case you are wondering.

If you have currently been working on an undocumented sales process then this is the chance to iron out anything that isn’t currently ideal. For example, if there is a manual element that can be automated or a delay that can be eliminated then this is the perfect moment to do it.

In addition, you should look to make it easy for everyone who gets involved in the process to carry out their roles simply and effectively. By getting each department to chip with ideas or issues you help to ensure that they all feel a part of the sales process creation.

At the end of this work, you should have a clear sales process that is easy to follow for your staff and that makes life easy for the people that want to give you money. It is then important to ensure that everyone buys into the process and that the different departments all sign it off.


Get the Training Done

A wonderfully slick sales process is fantastic to have but what if no-one knows how to use it? In that case, you would be as well having no sales process at all. Why not just let your team make things up as they go along or let a team of trained chimps wreak havoc in your office?

Therefore, getting the right training carried out is a step that simply can’t be missed. This is an opportunity to drive home the importance of each step and to try and get a higher level of buy-in as well. As well as another chance to enjoy more tea and biscuits, to be fair.

This will help the team members to feel more confident when carrying out the process in real life too. By letting them practice how to deal with converting customers in a training environment you can get them to feel completely ready to get going once they get back to work.


Track Your New Process

Once you have a sales process and put it into action then it is time to track what you are doing. Are you converting a high percentage of your leads or do you feel that too are many still slipping through their hands like elusive little eels stuffed with money?

If it’s the latter then it is time to see where things are going wrong, apart from with your terrible choice of metaphors. Since you have a well-documented sales process in place by now, it is going to be a lot easier to work out what the problem is and then do something about it.

Are you losing potential customers by trying to rush them or maybe by taking too long to get back to them? Perhaps you need to find a way of sorting out a frustrating blockage in the process.

By keeping a close eye on your sales figures you can see whether you have made it easier or more difficult to bring in more money to the company.


Keeping on Making It Better

As with any business process, it is essential to keep on improving your sales process over time. By continually revising how well things are going you can look to bring in more sales and earn more money for the business.

There are sure to be some parts of the process that can be smoothed out over time or else elements that can be incorporated into the staff training. If you let the process just roll on exactly the same way year after year then it could become less effective over time.

On the other hand, if you have a process of continuous improvement in place then you can carry on tweaking what you do until you are completely satisfied.

Don’t let potential sales turn into disappointment. Working out how to make it easier for buyers to give you money is one of the very best ways of spending your time.