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Renewable heating can be expensive to install, but, in the right properties the potential savings on fuel costs or energy bills – combined with Domestic RHI payments – can make renewable heating systems an attractive investment.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is introducing an option to help householders and/or landlords to access finance to overcome the barrier of the upfront cost of a renewable heating system. This is called “assignment of rights” (AoR). This option allows an “investor” to help fund the purchase, installation and maintenance, of a household or landlord’s renewable heating system. Households and landlords are then able to assign their RHI payments to the investor, who is referred to in the RHI Regulations as the “nominated” investor.

With plans set to come into effect later on 27 June 2018 now is the time to start work on your marketing to ensure you are in a place to ten on the AOR and ensure the big installation firms don’t snap up all the work. Our audience insight tools show the 75% of consumers would opt for a local firm over a national installer based on trust and reliability. Historically the opportunity has been missed by smaller installation firms being slower to react to the opportunity and not getting the message out fast enough to their target audience.

To ensure our customers get the first run at the market, we have used our insight tools to identify the fundamental questions consumers are asking about Heat Pumps and some ideas on things you can do to ensure you are on their mind when the time comes.

What do consumers want to know? 

With over 18,000 searches on the term “Renewable Energy” in February 2018 it is indeed a keyword you want to be focusing on in your social media, blog posts and videos. Here are a few topics you should consider sharing your thoughts on, remember to talk from your experience, whats your opinion don’t just repeat what everyone else is saying.

Do heat pumps use electricity?
How can energy be extracted from air?
Is a heat pump better than an electric heater?
Is sustainable geothermal energy unfeasible?
The benefits of air source heat pumps?
What are all of the forms of renewable energy?
What is a heat pump?
What is the most efficient energy to power a house?
What is the purpose of a heat pump?

Need some inspiration?

We have identified the below articles as those which are starting to gain increased consumer interaction; these articles are hitting a tone that works for consumers you can consider them for your communication.

Where does the heat inside Earth come from?
Lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint with a Worcester Heat Pump.
Learn all about electric heat pumps

Stride Alley here to help!

We understand that writing and communicating content and communicating it across your social media, websites and e-mail communication can be a timely process. Stride Alley media have worked with installers of renewable technologies for over 10 years and have a firm grasp of both the technical and marketing requirements to engage with your audience. Check out some of our packages starting from as little as £120 per month.