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Make your potential customers excited about your productsThis is marketing at its most complicated but most rewarding!

How great would it be if the public got whipped up into a frenzy and were foaming at the mouth for your new product launch? Well, we could probably do without all that messy foaming, to be honest.

If you get jealous seeing how people queue for the latest iPhone or join the waiting list for the next PlayStation then make them pine for your new product instead.

There are loads of ways of getting ready for a successful launch but absolutely none of them involve simply crossing various body parts and offering prayers to the unseen Gods of marketing.  What they all involve is seizing the moment and finding a way of getting as many people as possible hooked.

The start of a new marketing campaign offers you the chance to try out something new and fresh. Why not try one or more of these ways of getting a buzz going?

Find a Unique and Creative Angle

Getting creative and finding a unique way to draw people in could give you the edge that you need.  Maybe you could come up with a clever catchphrase, a funny video or some other angle that excites and intrigues.

If you are using social media to create a buzz then you are going to be up against fierce competition in order to get attention, both from your rivals and from cute photos of puppies. Make your message memorable or make the way that it is delivered hard to forget.

A good way to get started on this is to see what others are doing. You aren’t going to directly copy them but it could provide you with the spark that gets you going.

Consider a controversial approach

Being controversial is a creative marketing approach that doesn’t always work but that can be spectacular when it does. United Colours of Benetton, Paddy Power and Calvin Klein are a few companies that seem to have done okay by occasionally shocking or offending.

If you feel that you are in the right industry to be controversial then you will still want to be careful. Getting a sample of public opinion before the full launch is a sensible idea in this case.

You may very well alienate a lot of people by being controversial but would it be worth it to get the people you are most interested in to pay attention to you? This is one of the toughest decisions that you might be faced with when planning the launch of your product.

Tease Them with Trailers

Where would the world be without movie trailers? For a start, that guy who used to voice every single one of them would have needed to look for alternative employment that didn’t involve saying, “In a world where…” pretty much every day.

Yet, these days trailers can be used for so many other things too. If you have a genuinely exciting product then leaking details of it little by little can get the excitement to build up gradually.

You can do this through short videos, photos or even just by giving out snippets of information. Plan a schedule in advance to keep the details staggered and people waiting eagerly for your next update.

Of course, if you get people to believe that you are going to make their lives better and bring joy to the world then you’d better not just be trailering a new type of cheese sandwich or dental floss.

Get the Public Involved

Everyone loves to feel a part of something big, don’t they?  If you can get the public to feel as though they are playing their part then you will stand a far better chance of getting a buzz going.

A good example of this came recently with the crowd-sourced Fiat Mio car. In this smart campaign, drivers around the world were able to chip in with their own ideas for what the vehicle should feature.

If you can get people thinking that they have some sort of stake in your product launch then they will be excited and try to help you generate a bigger buzz.

Start a Waiting List

Ok, so you might not need a waiting list but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good idea. Even if the only people waiting for your launch with baited breath are members of your immediate family, a waiting list can make it seem as though you aren’t relying on your grandparents to get the business off the ground.

Building the idea of exclusivity is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. From limited edition Bucks Fizz CDs (actually, they were limited for a good reason) to stores mysteriously running out of the hot new phone on the day of its launch, if people can’t get something they will want it even more.

Having a waiting list will give you the comfort of knowing that you have some initial sales pretty much guaranteed and it will also help to get the buzz started. Just be sure not to eventually disappoint them in the way that I was disappointed when it turned out that I didn’t really need 4 remixes of Land of Make Believe in my life.

Give it an Air of Mystery

Ah, what could possibly be in that mysterious package that you are holding so suavely, Mr Bond? We all love to get our interest piqued by the unknown and potentially exciting.

If you let it be known that you have something interesting that you can’t unveil quite yet then this could definitely help to build up anticipations levels. This is a fairly delicate balancing act, though, as you will want to push the right buttons without over-doing it.

A potential problem to avoid here is that which scuppered the launch of the Segway, as it was heavily billed to be some sort of top secret, world-changing new technological wonder. When it turned out to be just a two-wheeled scooter type of thing it all seemed a bit underwhelming.

If you can get a buzz going then you stand a far better chance of a product launch that goes with a real swing. Find the perfect approach and watch as the public get excited about what you are going to release.