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The story about a vision

Co-Founders Nick Segrue and Joseph Garbett announce the launch of ‘CareToShare’ – a website that brings people together to share their knowledge, skills and tasks. With the combination of rising austerity and falling real wages, it has become increasingly difficult for people to pay to learn new skills and have help with their tasks.

However, we have a whole adult population with skills and knowledge that they don’t currently share with others and CareToShare is here to get them sharing. Unlike many sharing economy startups, CareToShare allows people to share their skills with each other without having to pay a percentage of their fee to the site. By exchanging their skill or task for learning something in return, or negotiating with each other a fee if the other user is not offering the right skill in return.

Users sign up using their email address or Facebook account with one click and then view listings of other users offering the skills or tasks they are looking for, or a list of skills and tasks wanted by other users. Users then message each other to arrange to share a skill or task as well as adding each other as connections, building a social function into the experience.

There is also a ‘near me’ function showing the approximate distance that nearest users are located, combined with the skills and tasks each user is wanting and offering. After sharing a skill or task, users will provide a rating for each other based on their exchange, helping to build trust in the growing community.

The story about a vision

Says Co-Founder and CEO Nick Segrue, “With CareToShare, users are going to be able to learn the skills they have wanted to learn but previously could not afford to pay for. We’ve invested in the technology to make it as easy as possible, simply sign up at caretoshare.co.uk, click on the skill or task you want help with, see your nearest users displayed in front of you and contact them straight away to arrange your exchange. We are confident users will also make new friends along the way as they build their sharing network. As the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider we are on a mission to help people learn new skills and have help with their tasks regardless of their economic situation.”

The market for home private tuition in the UK alone is worth £6.5 billion a year, and they believe it’s ripe for disruption. With so many possessing skills they do not share, yet wanting to earn extra income or learn new skills, the founders believe a huge change in the way people learn and share their skills is about to develop.

With the sharing economy expected to be worth $335 billion by 2025 (PWC) and still growing at a phenomenal rate, they expect to be driving forward the growth in skill and task sharing market. Recent further cuts in welfare benefits in the UK will see more struggle with the cost of day to day living, and it is hoped CareToShare will help these people to learn new skills that will be the catalyst for them getting back into employment.

Co-Founder and CTO Joseph Garbett added, “CareToShare is helping society push back against the increasing austerity and daily struggle that many people’s lives have become, and we hope that by learning new skills through the site, people will be able to improve their career prospects as well as gaining more enjoyment from life.”

About CareToShare

Co-Founder and CEO Nick Segrue approached Joseph Garbett with his vision to bring people together to share their knowledge, skills and tasks. After believing that there were people nearby that could help with teaching new skills and tasks but with no ability to contact them and arrange to do so, the idea for CareToShare was born. They are based in London and have experienced triple-digit growth month on month after recently launching.

Nick Segrue – Built and sold an iPod accessories e-commerce website before spending several years trading derivatives and subsequently executive search in the financial markets. After yearning to return to building an internet business for the second time and meeting Joseph Garbett, Nick left the City to pursue building CareToShare.

Joseph Garbett – Started building websites aged 14 eventually joining MoneySavingExpert as a junior back-end developer with a desire to be part of something making a positive impact on society. After 5 years at MoneySavingExpert finishing up as the lead developer on the new product development team, Joseph left to join Nick in building CareToShare.

Read more about the great work Nick and Joseph are doing at their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter by searching their handle, @caretoshareuk.