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Stride Alley Media was founded by Simon Roberts who has worked in the Renewables industry since the age of 17. Initially, as a self-employed MCS installer under the “glory days” of BRE, he saw first-hand the difficulties in gaining MCS in what was a very bureaucratic process. Simon started to help a number of his friends in the trade through the quality management system process to enable them to become MCS approved. After seeing the need in the industry he eventually set up Easy MCS & Easy RSS which supported over 2000 companies in gaining and maintaining MCS accreditation before Evergreen Energy acquired the business in January of 2015.

As an ongoing commitment to supporting installers from within the Renewables Industry, Stride Alley shares FREE insight on the terms consumers are searching for around renewable technologies and tips on how you can look to answer questions, build your google search results and pick up leads along the way.

Today we have taken a look at the term “battery storage” which has seen searches on the likes of Google and Bing increase by over 30% in the last twelve months as consumers face rising electricity costs and become more aware of the technology.



Step 1 – Terminology

Don’t fall into the trap of using the terms you would typically use within the trade. Battery storage, although relevant, receives 50% fewer searches than “Solar Battery”. You may cringe at the thought of having to use a technically incorrect term, but you need to be taking the language your customers are using before you can educate them.

Step 2 – Question Board

As part of our research, we look at the “Long Tail” search terms which are the questions customers are typing into search engines relevant to the topic. These are the starting point for ensuring you are communicating a message, which based on data, you know people are asking. Providing your opinion on these topics and talking from your experience will ensure you connect with your audience and start to build an organic following.

Here are some of the headline questions that consumers are asking about “Solar Battery”.

  • What is the best solar battery available?
  • Which battery is most suitable for solar energy storage?
  • Can solar energy be stored?
  • Should I get a solar battery? | Solar Energy?
  • Can we use solar panels without a battery?
  • How does solar power storage work?
  • Can old EV batteries be used for solar storage?
  • What is solar energy storage?
  • What are the best energy storage systems?

Ensure you don’t go away and try and cram all these questions into one blog post, video or social media update. It’s far better to pick three or four topics you feel you can communicate a strong message on and write individual posts on each separately. Spread them out over days or even weeks, depending on your time constraints as its far better to deliver a high-quality message with really great things for the customer to learn from than just posting something for the sake of it.

Step 3 – Keywords

Including keywords in your posts will help to build your organic rankings, as Google crawls the internet looking for content and the keywords are what attracts them to your page. If they find keywords, the Google spiders pick it up and start to index it in search results, but be careful, don’t try and cram them in just write naturally and where applicable, include some of the terms below to ensure Google finds you.

  • Solar PV Battery storage costs
  • Solar Battery Storage
  • Solar Panel Batteries for Home
  • Best Barreries for Solar Off Grid
  • Best Solar Batteries
  • Solar Batteries Prices
  • Solar Energy Storage


The keywords we have shown above have been carefully selected based on the competition for search positions. They are not the most searched nor are they the least searched. This is important as focusing on the most highly searched terms means you will be competing with the likes of the Tesla Powerwall and we all know Elon likes to chuck his cash around. So, unless you have deep pockets its essential to find these keywords which are little gems that are starting to be searched in higher numbers. Get yourself listed for these and as they begin to be searched more frequently you will already have a foot in the door with Google and gain organic traffic naturally.

Another tip for the Trade is to include your location when using the keywords above. Often consumers when they are in “buying mode” will search including a location “Solar Panel Installers North Wales” for instance. Making sure you include your chosen areas is key to being picked up on a local level.

Step 5 – Spread the word.

Once you have created your blog post, don’t just sit back and wait for the phone to ring, share it across all your social media, Facebook is a great one for the target audience of Solar Panel Buyers. We are currently working on some audience insight around this demographic which we will share in the coming weeks. In the meantime, get your posts out on Facebook as it is a great place to start. Ideally, you will create the blog post on your website and then share it on Facebook as Google will crawl your site faster is they see you are getting traffic. Another great way of increasing traffic and getting Google to increase your visibility is by sharing on LinkedIn. It takes two minutes to do but with the business to business traffic and shares, you will generate this will once again increase Googles chances of displaying your content.

Finally, don’t feel that you must become an author to achieve this, with social media being a vital platform of commination currently, a video recorded on site showing the installation of a piece of kit and some explanation around why you have chosen it can be worth a thousand words.

Stride Alley Media is here to help. 

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