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Barclays Advert – Waterslide Metaphor Explained

Created by ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the new commercial uses a real rollercoaster and 40 feet of track, along with CGI effects.

Barclaycard’s upbeat campaign is aiming to help counter the tarnished image of the financial services sector and breaks on TV during ITV1’s Dancing on Ice on Sunday night.

Paul Troy, the head of advertising and content at Barclaycard, said that the Barclays Advert was the most technically advanced the card company had produced.

“I think it was quite brave when the financial meltdown happened to keep with the style of creative we have,” added Troy. “It feels anti-recessionary even if it wasn’t designed to be.”

Troy said that a free iPhone application for “Rollercoaster” will launch in May. The app launched last year for the TV ad “Waterslide” has been downloaded 8.5m times to date, with 250,000 downloaded on Christmas Day alone, he added.

He added that Barclaycard was already looking to shoot its next ad, which will break in March, but it will be for a different product and would use a different creative theme. “We are not going to do a sequel of a sequel,” said Troy.

In the past the credit card brand has used celebrities including Rowan Atkinson and Alan Whicker.

Barclays Advert The water slide metaphor works well as the campaign’s central creative device. It suggests using a new, potentially scary technology is actually fun and fast. The catchy tune and fun feel made this advert an internet sensation on YouTube, with over 1.3 million views. The power of a great campaign well crafted can be something special.Stride Alley Media – Igniting Inspiration

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