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Radio advertising packages available on request


Radio advertising is an effective, low-cost medium whereby your business can hit the exact target consumer. Radio is emotive, which leads to customers believing your advert is really relevant to them personally. This in turn leads to increased market awareness, sales and service interest. Do you want to hear your brand identity being hummed or repeated?

Radio Ga Ga

We have a dedicated in-house Radio Production Team whose sole focus in life is to produce radical radio commercials. We promote your brand in the most productive and profitable method. We have the ability to secure the finest precious airtime, which in turn secures the best capacity to reach your listening target audience, at the right time.

Our sound waves specialism includes free professional scriptwriting to create the perfect marketing message. Our copy is legendary. Our plenitude of sound effects is colossal. Furthermore, our silver-tongued voice over talent is smooth yet shrewd. These factors combined cannot fail to capture your audio audience.

Intelligent Airtime

It is often believed that the longer the period an ad is aired, the greater the benefit. In fact, it is impact that creates the best return. A repetitive message will trigger subconscious acknowledgement, leading to recognition. Less is more in radio. A short sharp message conveys a lot more clout than a rambling desperate attempt to cram in as much info as possible.

Which day and time your ad is aired require diligence. Drive time during weekdays is of paramount importance during the early days of a radio campaign. Yet, other times are still relevant and cost less. But, do they justify cost effectiveness?

Website analytics reveal that consumers often google a company’s name they heard about on the radio. Hence it works well to examine your website traffic alongside the running of a radio campaign. Radio may not offer immediate results due to consumers not necessarily needing what you are offering during the campaign. That said, radio ads have a longer lasting effect. What better way to turn you on?

Wireless Waves

As radio is the most trusted medium – 47.3 million people tune in to radio every week, often with ad breaks every 30 minutes. We believe it is critical that your advert performs to peak standard in order to be heard. We constantly push the boundaries of what creative radio advertising can deliver, and invest in new and exciting ways to enhance your advertising campaigns.

Radiocentre research provides robust evidence that radio is 20% more cost effective at building brands. This is because it helps brands to win ‘share of mind’ with consumers. Australian academic, Professor Byron Sharp believes brands that spring easily to mind largely determine what we buy and that they must appeal to buyers to grow.

The mission of Stride Alley Media is to inform, inspire and support our customers in a world where we believe all media should be connected. We are an agency who think differently. Our campaigns are built on creativity, driven by data and delivered through a media landscape that ensures your message resonates and remains true to the values of your business.